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    Sellbot HQ Guide Empty Sellbot HQ Guide

    Post  gamemaster355 on Wed Aug 13, 2008 2:45 pm

    Sellbot HQ Guide Large_image_cogHQ

    Shopkeeper Toons have been taken prisoner and are being held under lock and key by the Sellbots! Only the bravest of Toons will be able to come to their rescue - Cogs, Skelecogs, and Goons are around every corner, and the Sellbot Vice President himself lies in wait...

    The shopkeepers you need to rescue are being held prisoner by the Sellbot V.P. in his office at the top of Sellbot Towers. To enter Sellbot Towers you'll need two things: a Cog disguise and enough Sellbot merit points to earn a promotion.

    Just to be safe. The toon council put in elevator limits before you go into the sellbot hq.
    Sellbot HQ Guide Chart_small_elevator_sellbot

    Now lets work on our cog disguises!

    To build your Sellbot disguise you must beat the factory at least 10 times and fight cogs to earn your merits.

    You must team up with 3 other toons. Assemble with your fellow Toons outside the Factory and get on the elevator. It will take you to the main entrance. Stand on the switch to open the doors to the lobby. In the lobby you will find a Goon and three Cogs - defeat them to get access to the switch that opens the door to the hallway.

    From the hallway you have three choices: straight ahead is the warehouse lookout, to the left is the boiler room, and to the right is the gear room. Take either the right or left path to get to the warehouse - there are three Cogs waiting in each location.

    The hard way is the left. (It can get you more merits though)
    The easy way is the right. (It doesn't get you as much merits though)

    Toon Tip: Check the barrels scattered through the factory for gags. Touch them to replenish your supply!

    For advanced Toons only: Try moving around crates and jumping on them to get at hard to reach places.
    Sellbot HQ Guide Image_goon

    When you arrive at the warehouse youll need to sneak past the Goons and make your way up to the roof of the storeroom. Defeat the four Cogs here to get access to the switch that opens the door on the far side of the warehouse and use the other switches to activate the stompers. The stompers will get rid of the Goons on the main warehouse floor and clear the way for you.

    Head through the door on the far side of the warehouse and use either elevator to go to the top of the silos. Once you reach the silos you must battle 2 level 6 cogs and 1 level 7 cog per silo.

    Once you've finished that you must go to the center silo for the final battle. The foreman is a Skelecog lvl. 9 along with 3 other lvl. 6 cogs. Once those cogs are defeated you will get exp. points and a disguise part.

    Once you have 10 disguise parts and your merits are ready for promotion you are ready to fight the V.P. and save the shop keeper!

    Assemble a group of eight Toons and get on the elevator - its time to face the Sellbot V.P.!
    Sellbot HQ Guide Small_sr_vp

    The group of eight Toons will divide into two teams of four to face off against the V.P.'s Sellbot forces. Together the two teams will engage wave after wave of Cogs stored within the V.P.'s underbelly. Keep your wits about you and use all of the strategy you've developed battling Cogs on the streets of Toontown! You'll need to depend on teamwork - this is the ultimate Toon-versus-Cog battle!


    Sellbot HQ Guide Large_image_toonsVsvp

    When the V.P.'s forces have been defeated, the remaining Toons will team up to fight the V.P. himself. Jump up to touch the bottom of the cage where the shopkeeper is being held -- this will stock you with a supply of cream pies you can throw at the V.P. To throw a pie, click on the pie icon at the top of your screen or press the INSERT key.

    V.P. will be doing his attacks so if you see a toon who's laff points are low you might want to throw a bunch of pies in his face for a toon-up! . Keep on rapidly throwing the pies until VP falls off the edge. Congratulations you've beated your first vp!

    When youve defeated him you will be rewarded an S.O.S. toon and a level up on your disguise!

    Whats an SOS toon?

    The Toons you rescue from the V.P. owe you a favor and are happy to repay you any time. Use the SOS button in your battle menu to call them into action.

    SOS toon info
    Sellbot HQ Guide Chart_SOSToons

    Thats about all you need to know Good luck!!!

    p.s. This guide was a lot of work

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