cashbot hq guide


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    cashbot hq guide

    Post  chance6802 on Thu Aug 14, 2008 9:18 am

    The Cashbots have constructed a cluster of Mints on the outskirts of Donald's Dreamland and are printing Cog money. Advanced Toons must defeat their boss - the Chief Financial Officer (C.F.O.) - and prevent the Cogs from acquiring wealth.
    your cashbot disguise

    The Cashbots manufacture and distribute their currency, Cogbucks, in three Mints - Coin, Dollar and Bullion. Toons enter the elevators to the Mints by way of a train yard where locomotives are being loaded and unloaded. Mint elevators take you to a random floor within the Mint where obstacles must be carefully navigated, with Cogs around every corner. Your objective is to battle your way past the Cogs and obstacles to reach the safe at the end of the floor. The safe is guarded by a Supervisor Skelecog. Cogbucks are rewarded when you defeat the Supervisor.

    Toon Tip: To reach the Supervisor Skelecog, follow the stairs that lead up!
    The Toon Council has decreed that Toons should proceed with the utmost caution while invading Cashbot HQ. Therefore, the following elevator minimum Laff point requirements* have been instituted to ensure the general safety of the Toon population.

    * Laff point levels subject to change.

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